Family Photos

Ray Connell - A Tribute
A Tribute to Ray
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Faces of Samantha | or Slideshow

Ava's first birthday
Ava's 1st Birthday Photos | Video

Lincoln Cemetery project
1st Burial Ground (Lincoln Cemetery) project

Jared in high school play

Superbowl at Tanya and Jason's house
Superbowl Sunday 2007

Welcome Ava, born to Jason and Tanya on Dec. 22, 2006
Welcome Ava !! Born Dec. 22, 2006

Grand Canyon
Our Grand Canyon Selects

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Family Snapshots

Trip to Mississippi
Our trip to Mississippi Photos | Videos

Mindy, Henry, Heidi at Disney - Thanksgiving 2007
Mindy, Heidi & Henry at Disney

Thanksgiving 2007
T-Day 2007: Photos | Video: 1| 2

Lauren at Halloween 2007
Kids at Halloween

Click to view photos from the trip
Deb & Doris in Miss.

Tad hold locks he had shaved for Locks of Love - Click to see photos - May 2007
Tad hold his Locks of Love

School Snapshots

Jared collects the JFK Award for Excellence in Science from Mr. Leddy
School Awards:
| Ceremony | Select Videos

Rachel's Shows

See Show photos from To Kill A Mockingbird

Family Events

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Jared receives Historic Commission award 4/17/07

Dad wins state service award for 10 years as a poll worker
Mort wins service award!


Events With Friends

Caviolas 2007: Photos | Videos

Click to see video
A Night at the Rox - 6/15/07 - video

Pat & Larry's: Photos | Videos

NEAMC Holiday Party

Court of Honor
Court of Honor | Older Scout Pics

Larry serves it up!
Caviolas 2006

Photos of friends from Grey Fox 2006
Grey Fox 2006 | Slideshow

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Other Activities

Troop 61
Scouting photos
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photos


Patriot Ledger
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Darwin Awards

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Family Events

Jean's Birthday Party and Family Reunion
Jean's Birthday and Family Reunion
Party photos | Family snapshots
Group Photo

Steinberg 50th Anniversary
Steinberg Anniversary Party

Rosh Hashana 2007: Photos | Video

Party at Susan & Jim's
Pool Party-Mindy's | Danny's

Click to see photos from Hershey Park
Mindy, Shelly & family
at Hershey Park

Photos from the Council Eagle Court of Honor
Council Eagle Court June 7, 2006

Graduation photos

Grad Nite pics | All Videos

Click to see video of Eagle Award ceremony
Eagle Award: Photos | Video

Click for photos taken prior to Jared and Mel’s senior prom
Prom 2007

Shelly, Mindy & families
Disney vacation

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